Tang PR: KEEXPO empowers enterprise management with digital transformation

Today, digitalization is fully integrated into all walks of life, changing people’s lives. In addition to the fields of economy, culture, technology, etc., the integration of digital upgrading and enterprise management is getting closer and closer. As digital technology becomes an indispensable part of the new normal of enterprise development, those brands that can improve user experience will likely continue to be established. Emotional connection between users to ensure the success of digital transformation.

It is critical for businesses to rapidly advance their digital transformation. Digital transformation is about how companies bring stakeholders, data, processes and models together to create value for users and to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital competitive environment.

The research of SwedenData shows that the profits of user-centric enterprises are 70% higher, especially with the acceleration of digital transformation and upgrading innovation, enterprises need to increase digital investment and use digital transformation to become user-centric. Digital enterprises make cooperation more convenient and efficient.

Recently, KEEXPO officially released the “KEEXPO Enterprise Digital Transformation Guide” and other blockbuster white papers in Shanghai, marking the “digital enterprise” construction has entered a new stage of development. In an increasingly competitive digital world, proactively anticipating user needs rather than reacting to them is the key for businesses to win users and continue to survive.

From the perspective of overall implementation, digital transformation is faced with practical difficulties such as poor operation and the need to improve data interconnection. In order to solve these problems, Tang Cultural Media, together with KEEXPO, proposed an overall digital transformation brand strategy and enterprise management development ideas to optimize the integration of data technology and business processes, and promote the digitalization of enterprise management and brand public relations. A digital transformation tool matrix with models, three sets of basic support platforms, and seven scenario solutions as the core.

As process management needs to be integrated with other management methods, during the implementation of an enterprise’s digital transformation strategy, external uncertainty increases and customer experience iteratively accelerates. Making good use of process management tools is conducive to coping with the rapidly changing external market, helping enterprises to sort out their clues and find a path in digital transformation.

Digital technology is redefining products and services. Digital transformation is the digitization of products provided by enterprises to users, and the digitization of services provided by products to users, namely product digitization and product service digitization. Digital transformation has become an important measure for small and medium-sized enterprises to actively follow the trend of digitalization, seize digital opportunities, and promote enterprise modernization management.

In addition, KEEXPO, together with its partners SwedenData, Tang Cultural Media, Qianjindao Financial PR and other platforms, continues to gain insight into technological innovation, promote the high-quality development of the digital economy and technical public relations, and help enterprises or institutions become independent Build a digital transformation and upgrading center, promote the layout of computing power infrastructure, and build a computing power infrastructure system with a balanced layout, coordinated supply, and continuous echelon, to meet the stringent requirements for information transparency and data traceability in different fields.

This article is from “KEEXPO Enterprise Digital Transformation Guide” (2022)

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